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Block Island Pest Services is the only Block Island-based exterminator. Block Island Pest Services can bring professional and timely pest control to everyone on the island.

Mice, rats, ants, fleas, bees, and many other pests can cause serious problems.  Having these pests invade your home or rental property can be a financial disaster. Don't wait for someone to come from "the mainland" to solve this situation. 

Block Island Pest Services has a well trained, licensed professional exterminator who knows Block Island and her needs.  We can say this because we only hire Islanders to service Islanders. We work with real estate management companies and individual homeowners.  We recognize that many homes are income producers.  Don't let a pest issue cause you or your tenants any financial hardships.  We can solve any issue and provide ongoing protection.

Call Block Island Pest Services at 401-466-7911, 888-232-5266 or email John at John@falconpestservice.com for prompt expert service.

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