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FALCON Pest Services LLC is your local Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts residential pest control experts. We will discuss your pest control needs; do a thorough pest inspection and give the most effective treatment program and at a very competitive cost. All work has warrantees!




FALCON PEST SERVICES LLC can also customize an extermination program that best fits your needs.

Below is a list of some of the most common and most difficult pests that affect Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts.

Termites damage nearly 600,000 homes in the U.S. each year. The cost of termite elimination and repairs for damage totals about $5 billion annually. An inspection shall be performed at the affected property. The termite activity and damaged will be documented. The property will be measured to determine the required amount of termiticide required for successful results. FALCON Pest Services LLC has access and experience with the best termiticides available which include Termidor, Premise and more. Application shall be rendered by professional, licensed and certified technicians. The technicians at FALCON Pest Services LLC treat and respect each property as if it were their own. All Termite Treatments come with a 12 month renewable retreatment warranty. Call us today at 401-739-1322 or 888-232-5266 to protect your biggest investment.

Carpenter ants can cause as much damage as termites so don’t be fooled! Information from the client and an inspection will be preformed prior to treatment. Areas to be inspected will include house, sheds, trees close to the house, railroad ties, landscape timbers and any other areas that may be home to these destructive creatures. The most effective product, Termidor, will be expertly applied. In very short time your carpenter ants will be history. Call Falcon Pest Services today at 401-739-1322 or 888-232-5266 to get fast results.

Nothing is more annoying or causes more health concerns than mosquitoes. Worldwide, mosquito-borne diseases kill more people than any other single factor. Mosquitoes can be carriers of malaria, yellow fever, dengue fever in humans. In the United States, mosquitoes spread several types of encephalitis. A single mosquito can transmit heart worms to cats and dogs. Enjoy the outdoors! FALCON Pest Services LLC will eliminate breeding sites and apply a barrier spray treatment. If you are having a one day event such as a wedding or graduation or you are looking for season long protection, Call us today at 401-739-1322 or 888-232-5266 to get fast, effective results. 

“Good night, sleep tight and don’t let the Bed Bugs bite!” Once just a cute saying but now, a modern day nightmare. Bed Bugs have become pest controls greatest enemy. These little monsters invade your house, take up residence, feed on you and are extremely difficult to eradicate. They are called Bed Bugs but they hide in any furniture, closets, dressers, end tables, moldings, picture frames, toys and hundreds of other places. If you try to solve this problem yourself, YOU WILL FAIL! Have FALCON Pest Services LLC inspect and eliminate your problem. Treatment for bedbugs includes pesticide applications, heat treatment, steam treatment, environmental manipulation and other techniques. Our experts will help you end this nightmare. Call Falcon Pest Service today at 401-739-1322 or 888-232-5266 to get fast results.

So you wake up and go into your kitchen and see a cockroach. You think no big deal, WRONG! Let me explain what you will be up against. With ideal conditions, one single cockroach and its youth can produce 25,000 offspring a year. A hundred roaches can produce 2,500,000. A thousand female cockroaches can produce up to 25 million cockroaches. The experts at FALCON Pest Services LLC can inspect and eliminate your infestation FAST! Gone are the days of emptying cabinets, closets and other hiding areas. Gone are the days of bombing your home and having to leave. Call us today at 401-739-1322 or 888-232-5266.

You are enjoying a sound, peaceful sleep but are suddenly awaken by the sound of scratching inside the ceiling or walls. You are watching TV and something runs along the wall. You probably have mice or rats. FALCON Pest Services LLC will inspect and eliminate your rodent problem fast using the latest exterminator products and techniques. Don’t let these filthy, disease affected pests contaminate your home and family. Call us today at 401-739-1322 or 888-232-5266 to get fast results!

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