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Commercial Pest Control Services

FALCON Pest Services LLC has 30 years of Commercial Pest Control experience. From the smallest store to the largest mall, our experienced exterminators have the knowledge to solve any situation.


FALCON Pest Services LLC will conduct a thorough inspection -- both interior and exterior -- to evaluate conditions conducive for rodent and insect activity and breeding. Using IPM (Integrated Pest Management) techniques, environmental manipulation will provide substantial reduction of breeding sites. The following is just a small sample of our services that will eliminate any situation and greatly reduce future infestation.

  • Exterior perimeter inspections and treatments for insects and rodents to create a barrier
  • Fly control using Air Doors, Fly Lights, Pheromone Traps and other techniques to reduce populations
  • Sanitation inspections and treatments with products such as enzymes and bacteria to break down organic material in drains, cracks, crevices and other areas that promote fly and cockroach breeding
  • Dumpster and trash areas inspected and treated to reduce food debris that could attract pests.
  • Pest Control Log Book that includes Pesticide Labels & MSDS, Technician Comment & Suggestion Sheet, Sanitation Report and recommendations as part of Inspection/Treatment.

FALCON Pest Services LLC will ensure complete satisfaction for business owners, employees, clients and health and food inspections. Call today for a free consultation.


Apartments -- Condominiums 
FALCON Pest Services LLC is one of the Pest Control Industries Leaders in Apartment and Condominium Property Management. If you manage a Duplex or Multi-Building or Multi-Unit Complex, your tenants deserve a pest free environment. A comprehensive plan will be developed to provide your tenants will expert service. Call today for a free consultation.

Professional -- Medical Offices
FALCON Pest Services LLC will offer professional inspections and treatments to exterior, rest rooms, common areas, suites, break rooms, cafeteria, storage areas and any other areas that require attention. IPM (Integrated Pest Management) techniques will be used to minimize pesticide applications and maximize tenant satisfaction. Call today for a free consultation.

FALCON Pest Services LLC has experience in all aspects of pest control for Malls from the Smallest Strip Mall to the Largest Mega Mall. Our technicians are trained to handle restaurant and food service areas, boutique stores, anchor stores, common areas, trash facilities, exterior and any other areas that require the attention of the highest trained pest control professionals. Call today for a free consultation.

Other Industries Solutions Healthcare facilities, schools, retail, country clubs, storage facilities, sporting venues, and any other business that requires professional pest control.

Let the highly trained and experienced professionals of FALCON Pest Services LLC provide you with cost effective pest control. Call today for a free consultation.